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Meaningful Software Innovation (MSI)

Coding Camp: Middle and High School Students Reinforce Purpose and Build Resilience

Students will discover the power of software engineering, behavioral science and design thinking to excel in high school and college. Meaningful Software Innovation (MSI) is an online summer program based on curriculum used at Stanford University and a National Science Foundation funded software platform for engineering education.

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Why Students Thrive

Several students hands in a cricle around some index cards with Mantras written on them
  • Learn practical skills and resilience tools to thrive in high school and college
  • Build games and apps with software and STEM skills you’ll learn
  • Learn to use artificial intelligence safely for brainstorming ideas
  • Solve real-world problems that you care about with design thinking principles
  • Affirm strengths and conquer fears with values, growth mindset and vulnerability
  • Network with friends new and old, and learn to collaborate on real-world situations
  • Stay engaged with 80% hands-on interactive activities, and overcome Zoom fatigue.

The 3 Main Principles of MSI

MSI equips students with the essential skills, not just in software engineering, but also in critical thinking, creative problem-solving, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence. These are the very skills that educators seek to cultivate in their students, preparing them not just for success in high school and college, but for life-long learning and continuous growth in the ever-evolving world of tomorrow.

Design Thinking

MSI goes beyond traditional “learn by rote” methods. Instead, it empowers students with design thinking, a human-centered approach to problem-solving. Through engaging projects, students learn to identify and empathize with users, brainstorm and generate creative solutions, then prototype and iterate. By embracing iterative design, students learn from failures, develop perseverance, and cultivate a growth mindset crucial for navigating the ever-changing technological landscape.

By mastering these skills in their youth, students become confident problem-solvers, capable of tackling complex challenges and adapting to the demands of the future workforce.

Behavioral Science

The program leverages behavioral science to help students identify personal values and strengths. Through self-reflection activities and assessments, students gain a deeper understanding of their values, strengths, and learning styles. This empowers them to make informed choices about their academic and career paths. By understanding their strengths, students build self-confidence and learn to leverage their unique talents.

MSI recognizes the importance of self-awareness and emotional intelligence in success. Additionally, by equipping students with critical strategies to overcome setbacks and persevere through challenges, MSI fosters resilience.

Software Engineering

MSI provides students with hands-on experience in software engineering, a critical skill in today’s and tomorrow’s workforce. Students learn foundational coding skills and our project-based learning calls students to apply their new knowledge to the challenges, fostering deeper understanding and engagement with the subject matter. Students translate their ideas into tangible solutions, developing communication and problem-solving skills through the process of developing a Potential Storyboard and prototyping projects.

MSI sparks curiosity with exposure to STEM skills which can significantly impact students’ academic choices and career trajectories, potentially opening doors to future opportunities.

Potential Storyboards Connect and Empower Students to Create, Iterate, and Solve for Tomorrow

MSI Storyboard

MSI students learn to design solutions for problems that are meaningful to them using behavioral science and software engineering STEM skills that are relevant in every industry.

  • Animated books to promote inclusion and celebrate diversity
  • Help immigrants find their first job and learn their rights
  • Education lessons and tools for teachers to promote engaging online classes
  • Movement for High School students to plant trees to positively impact climate change
  • Affordable web presence to market neighborhood small business and promote their pandemic safety practices
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School Districts Work With Us to Provide a Hybrid Software Course

Our hybrid onsite and online coding camp is designed to provide a unique and comprehensive STEM learning experience for your school students. With your school teachers coordinating students in the classroom and our expert instructors joining online, our camp offers personalized attention and real-time collaboration. Our unique education platform allows our instructors to provide individual support to students while delivering a world-class coding curriculum. Together, we can simultaneously teach 20 to 400 students the skills they need to thrive in their high school and college journey.

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“The MSI program’s focus on its three main principles helps students like me to look at technology and business innovation in a new way. Developing my own abilities to work out big ideas and persevere have been critical in this pivotal period of my life. Gaining those life skills, especially in combination with computer programming experience, has made me feel more ready for my future classes, career choices, and more capable along the way.”

Emmanuel R., Codecraft Works alumni, peer mentor, and high school student

Companies Work With Us To Foster a STEM-Focused Culture

Interested in offering this summer program? Offer MSI as a unique, subsidized benefit for employees of your company. Help your employees provide a STEM experience to their kids that will unleash their incredible potential!

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Example Program Details

One-week online course for 5th - 7th Graders

Code a personal storyboard web app based on your purpose and resilience plans. Classes will be held daily from 12:00 pm to 2:15 pm ET (9:00 am to 11:15 am PT) with 2 hours of coding activity outside of class.

Program Timeline 1 week

One-week online course for students in the 5th – 7th Graders

Two-week online course for 8th - 12th grades

Code a personal storyboard web app based on your purpose and resilience plans. Collaborate with a team of peers to create a solution prototype for a problem you care about. Classes will be held daily from 12:00 pm to 2:15 pm ET (9:00 am to 11:15 am PT) with 3 hours of coding and collaboration activity outside of class.

MSI Program Details 2-Week

Students not only thoroughly enjoyed participating in the MSI program, but they got so much out of it in both the broadly applicable technical knowledge so important to their future course work as well as important life skills beyond the technology. The responsiveness and collaboration with the team at Codecraft Works made for the best possible experience for students. I’m looking forward to continuing this fruitful partnership.

-– David Schleith, Ed.D, K12 STEM Coordinator, Brevard Public Schools

About Team MSI

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MSI is a collaboration between Shannon Landin, founder of National Science Foundation funded Codecraft Works, and Raj Bhargava, Silicon Valley Entrepreneur and Stanford University educator, founder of the Meaningful Entrepreneurship Program. Raj has been an Executive in software companies in Silicon Valley, and now helps people achieve their potential by teaching behavioral science and design thinking at Stanford Continuing Studies. From the Space Coast of Florida, Shannon leads the team at Codecraft Works developing technology innovations that provide access to in-demand high-tech education so anyone can hone their skills and gain a competitive advantage in our growing digital world.

On Innovation

Watch this quick video to learn more about how Rushmi learned about innovation.

On Purpose and Resilience

Watch this quick video to learn more about how Elandra learned about purpose and resilience.



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