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We aim to spark joy, encourage creativity, deliver skills, and inspire futures. Through a library of engaging, inspiring and educational programs, we help build the future generation of computer scientists, software engineers, and IT professionals who are curious about the fast-paced digital world.

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Why Codecraft Works

At Codecraft Works, we believe in the power of STEM skills and problem solving to transform lives. More than just teaching skills, we nurture talent, cultivate potential, and ignite a passion for technology. Our reputation for excellence isn’t built on just awards (though we’re proud of a few!), it’s built on the countless individuals and organizations we’ve partnered with on their unique journeys. Whether it’s a student discovering their potential, a company seeking future-ready talent, or a collaboration sparking innovation, we bring reliability, dedication, and genuine care to every interaction. We go beyond curriculum and tools, fostering a supportive community where everyone feels valued and empowered to achieve their goals.

Join us on the journey to a brighter future, powered by technology and fueled by human connection.

Who We Are

Codecraft® Works is a woman-owned small business (WOSB) education technology developer and world-class training partner that provides innovative online curriculum, courses and data-driven web tools to give our partners easy access to in-demand, high-tech education so anyone can hone their skills and gain a competitive advantage in our growing digital world.

The Codecraft Philosophy

Through computer science and programming education, Codecraft Works aims to foster future opportunities of young people by providing high-quality programs that protect individuality, build character, foster social connection and instill life-enhancing 21 st-century digital skills. Additionally, Codecraft Works prioritizes:

Photo of Codecraft Works' US CyberPatriots team members learning at the computer befor competition.
Photo of two Codecraft Works Certified middle school Students after a summer training in Tallahassee Florida
Photo of an early Codecraft Works Student who has gone on to become a professional Artist and Designer

Our Team

Programs at Codecraft Works are led by young adults and college students, often with the help of high school volunteers. We have years of experience with the “near-peer” mentorship model and hire instructors and mentors from top universities in computer science, game development, engineering and cyber security. Our Instructors are both guides who share information and caring friends who provide support in learning challenging STEM material. The connections formed in our programs encourage our students to develop new friends, a valuable sense of belonging, and cultivate positive science identities.

Graphic image of cute robots of all kinds, representing the Codecraft Crew members

Supported by NSF and America’s Seedfund

The National Science Foundation (NSF), America’s Seed Fund, awards millions of dollars every year on high-risk, high-impact technologies with the goal of fostering innovation and helping to create businesses and jobs in the United States. Codecraft Works is proud to be a recipient of the Small Business Innovation Research Phase II grant. The grant helps commercialize innovative technology by conducting research and development work on access to computer science education and real-world technical problem solving strategies critical to a competitive education in the world market. Our Award More About NSF

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“Students have the power, even at a young age, to grasp and learn computer programming. Whether they pursue a degree in the computer field or not, our goal is to offer the opportunities for anyone to be better prepared for a future that is already here; where programming is essential to how the world functions.”

— Shannon Landin, Founder and CEO of Codecraft Works



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