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2019: The Year of Tech Education

There has been a lack of proper tech education in schools, not only across America, but across the globe. As recently published on our website, Raytheon and the National Cyber Security Alliance found that 58% of millennials reported to not having a proper cyber education. In an increasingly digital world, this number is startling. This number begs us to ask two questions: how important is tech education? Is there any hope for the future of tech education? The answer to the first question is “very,” and the answer to the second is “yes.” Let’s break down these two answers a bit more.

The Importance of Tech Education

Having a proper tech education is important for one simple reason: tech plays a large role in our daily lives. While a tech education provides students with tech-related skills such as the ability to code, a tech education can also give students a better understanding of the digital world in which we now live. “The technology we have chosen to incorporate into our daily lives is advancing at a very rapid pace,” said Codecraft founder Shannon Landin. “Even folks who don’t want to pursue computer science will benefit from understanding the relationship that our modern appliances and technology have with data. The members of our society must be informed about the security and ethical questions that new technology requires.” Most of us live our entire lives online. Social media accounts aside, many of us do our banking, shopping and scheduling on our computers and/or smartphones. With the proper tech education, children can learn how to keep this information safe. They could also learn what to do if an online threat does occur. A comprehensive tech education teaches students how to create stronger passwords, how to determine whether a website is trustworthy and how to learn the difference between what is and what is not worth sharing online. So, even if your child doesn’t want to pursue a cyber-related career, they’re learning the basics of everyday online safety. However, learning tech-related skills can be beneficial to everyone. knowing how to code can help anyone who is looking to create an online presence or start their own business. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without having learned to code,” said Landin. “I was able to do more as an entrepreneur because of those skills. Learning to code empowered me to be the person I am today.” So, maybe your child doesn’t want to pursue a cyber-related career; however, receiving a tech education can be critical in their understanding of and interaction with the world around them.

The Future Looks Bright

Though our schools haven’t fully caught up with our growing need for tech education, some predict that 2019 will be the year that this will change. “Coding resources are becoming more plentiful and accessible,” states an article from TechEd Update. “, for example, offers free, high-quality computer science activities. Coding in the classroom will continue to grow, particularly with younger students.” It’s also worth mentioning that we are seeing an increase in access to cheaper devices. This means that we could begin to see more laptops in the classroom. Also, TechEd Update predicts that, with an increase in smartphones and wearable smart technology, there is a good possibility that these devices could be integrated into classroom learning. If all of this were to happen, students could receive crash courses in how to use technology properly and safely. They could even receive lessons in critical skills such as coding and game development. Until our public education systems catch up, Brevard County residents can look to Codecraft Works to fill this educational need. “Despite the plethora of high-wage jobs and increasing demand, industry support and parent interest, computer science courses are still not required for graduation from high school,” said Landin. “Codecraft programs prioritize a focused framework for modern skills development and opportunity for STEM learning to be applied in a real-world, engineering projects.” Technology is only going to get more advanced. It is important our children know how to use this technology properly and safely. Investing in and wanting a proper tech education for your child doesn’t mean your child must pursue a cyber-related career. A proper, well-rounded education can empower your child to be successful in any career path they choose and can help your child be successful in their daily interactions with the world around them.



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