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Codecraft Camps Offer Access to Computer Programming Skill

This summer, locations in both Tallahassee and Melbourne offer STEM camp opportunities for kids to build computer programming skills. Camps are designed around innovative curriculum with cutting edge computer science (CS), engineering, and cyber security. Students work in high-tech labs with trained instructors and mentors to design websites, develop video games, learn ethical hacking basicsCodecraft Students, and more.

Early opportunities for all kids to learn computer programming better prepares them for a future where programming is essential. “Our camps are for the kids who are curious about computers and want to learn how to make their own technology,” said Leon County Director, Meagan Bonnell. “What is great about Codecraft is that while they are learning a crucial skill set, they are also having fun.”

The College Experience

Strategic partnerships offer students centrally-located, high-tech lab spaces and a college experience. In support of this, Codecraft in Leon County offers camps in partnership with Florida State University’s College of Communication and Information and Florida A&M University’s Center For Public Computing & Workforce Development. Above all, it’s important that all students have the opportunity to participate in high-tech, high-impact, summer camps. Access to computer programming projects in a fun and supportive, environment is foundational at Codecraft.Codecraft Camps Offer Access to Computer Programming Skill

Melbourne’s “Silicon Alley”

Codecraft Works was founded on Florida’s Space Coast, in Melbourne, Fla. in 2011. Since it started, Codecraft curriculum has been in high demand. With thousands of student members on the Space Coast, Codecraft is growing rapidly in Leon County as well. As a matter of fact, the Brevard learning facility is custom-made for STE(A)M powered projects and people located in Melbourne’s new “Silicon Alley” near downtown Melbourne. First, it’s a perfect software development “hackerspace”, next, the virtual reality vault and an augmented reality sandbox are epic; all helping campers experience the power of software in today’s world. In addition to summer camps, Codecraft offers guided exploration into the world of coding at elementary and middle schools. Codecraft Clubs have access to a project-based, standards-aligned learning platform that allows students to learn at their own school.


For information on how to easily start a Codecraft Club at your school or community center this fall and get the technical support you need, or how to enroll in a summer camp near you visit this website at www.codecraftworks.com or email info@codecraftworks.com.



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