Codecraft Foundation partners with Tallahassee community centers and Florida Blue

Exciting news in Tallahassee! Codecraft Lab is working with the Jack McLean Community Center and Palmer Munroe Teen Center to introduce Tallahassee teens to coding and computer science.

The STE(A)M powered ten-week course started on Oct. 10. It teaches students algorithmic and critical thinking and creative problem solving using visual drag & drop platforms and “unplugged” activities.

All participating students will receive full scholarships. This is made possible through a generous sponsorship by Florida Blue. This assistance helps make sure that every kid has access to coding education.

We extend a huge thanks to Domi Station for helping to bring Codecraft Lab and coding access to kids to Tallahassee. Introducing Codecraft Lab to Tallahassee has been met with tremendous excitement in the community.

The help of organizations like Florida Blue and Domi Station ensure that every kid in Tallahassee has access to coding education. Today, this is as foundational to a student’s education as reading or arithmetic.



Does your school or community center want to start a Codecraft Club? We’d love to help!**



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