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Codecraft Works Provides STE(A)M-Powered Learning for Girls

Codecraft Works, founded by Shannon Landin in 2011, is built on the foundation that all kids should have the opportunity to learn computer programming and understand the power of computing in a fun, supportive, and interactive environment. Learning computer programming is important for all kids, and at Codecraft Works, we are particularly passionate about providing access for girls to STE(A)M-powered programs.According to Girls Who Code, technology jobs are among the fastest growing in the country, yet girls are being left behind. And while interest in computer science ebbs over time, the biggest drop off happens between the ages of 13-17. The gender gap in computing has actually been getting worse since the 1980s. In 1984 37% of all computer science graduates were women. Now that number is just 18%. By 2020, there will be 1.4 million jobs available in computing related fields. Women are on track to fill just 3% of these jobs.We think it’s time to change these statistics. We want to provide girls with access to programming education and give future tech entrepreneurs the tools to express their creativity, individuality, and problem-solving skills. By increasing awareness of the many roles and diverse professions available through computer science education and boosting confidence and awareness for young women, will we be able to reduce the gender gap and more effectively develop an empowered and innovative future workforce.

We need to empower young women more than ever! Codecraft projects, curriculum, and approach to support allow students to grow, question and solve for today. In Tallahassee, with universities, a growing entrepreneurship and tech innovation scene, and the seat of the state government, getting girls involved in computer programming will be a crucial part of the continually growing tech ecosystem. As we grow in Tallahassee, we are actively working to establish after school clubs and summer camps. We are also always looking for advisors, volunteers, and guest speakers - especially women - to inspire our young coders! By developing relationships with young women, and sharing our firsthand experience as women, will make a lasting impact and help to make the tech industry more inclusive.This is not a question for tomorrow. This is a question for right now. We owe it to our girls and our communities to make it a priority in their daily education.



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