Codecrafter Q&A with Pinkiepieme

2016-06-28 11.04.43

What is your name?

Lexy (a.k.a Pinkiepieme)

Do you have a nickname, superpower, or unusual talent or interest?

I am very good at hula hooping!

How old are you?

9 and ½ years old

Why did you come to Codecraft Lab?

I came to Codecraft to help myself learn more about coding because I think it will help me, and I want to make new friends too.

Before coming to Codecraft Lab, had you ever do any coding?

No. I mostly played outside.

What do you hope to learn or make with code?

2016-06-28 10.22.05

I want to learn very advanced coding so I can make things that make people smile, every time they use my programs.

Do you think this will help you in the future? Why?

Yes! I can use coding to complete projects that my teachers ask me to do in school and it’s really fun. Sometimes I might even get extra credit for doing my projects with code.

What have you made at Codecraft Lab, or what are you most proud of making so far?

The comic creator project is super fun. I like adding all of the images and resources, and its super hard. I never thought I would be able to do a project like this, and I think it’s super cool!



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