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This past summer, Codecraft Lab hosted the sold-out camp, “Making Games with Python & Pygame”. Many of the students were familiar with Scratch, but they wanted to take their programming skills to the next level.

During the camp, we covered the fundamentals of Python and showcased software we use every day that is powered by Python, such as YouTube, Dropbox, Minecraft (via Raspberry Pi), and Pokemon Go tools. Once we introduced Python’s game development library, Pygame, the magic happened. The kids unleashed their creativity and programmed their very own video game with custom graphics! Proud of their work, the students presented their games to the other campers and counselors, receiving praise and feedback on their game designs. Check out the video montage below of the many different video games that were created by the students. This fall, we are offering Power Play with Python for students who want to learn the programming language and for those who want to sharpen their Python skills by creating more advanced games and applications. As long as there are still seats available, your child is welcome to join us at any time. Our mentors will gladly assist newcomers! Interested in enrolling your child? Enroll here!



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