Five Reasons to Learn to Code this Summer

At CodecraftTM, we believe that students of all ages can and should learn to code in a fun and safe environment. Mastering computer science concepts and excelling in computer programming and information security has never been more important or more empowering for any individual, not to mention fun. As new “hybrid” job titles appear, we recognize that young people are challenged to find hybrid educational experiences too. We can help.

Therefore, below are five more reasons to learn to code this summer.

5. Talented camp staff & community mentors

Codecraft Camp has incredible people involved in teaching. Industry professionals, software engineers, space scientists, cybersecurity experts, graduate students and a couple really talented high school students. Our instructors are pioneering high-tech innovations and will flood your campers mind with the highest quality instruction.

4. Learn through making

At camp, kids can start at the beginning and get hands-on experience. All the while they learn by creating what they love, from video games and animations to web apps. Coding gives campers a competitive advantage when applying to colleges, internships, or jobs and it’s never too early to start building a portfolio of software projects.

3. STE(A)M Power

Programming is logic-based and extremely creative. Furthermore, if you know how to code, computers are at your command and programming is your magic wand! Kids can learn early to apply computer science to their ideas and amplify their passion.

2. Critical thinking

Strong critical thinking skills facilitate good decision making. There is no better way to learn to think critically than by learning to code. Our summer programming camps introduce younger students to the essential building blocks of programming, invention, and making with code. More experienced students are exposed to advanced concepts such as object-oriented techniques, concepts, and practices to make the games and stories they love come to life.

1. Programmers are in high demand

In a world where CS jobs are growing at twice the national average, the impact of learning to code can’t be understated. According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, ”… in addition to such familiar jobs such as engineer, consultant, or financial analyst, we’re increasingly seeing new job titles emerge: forensic technologist, digital storyteller, and marketing automation manager.”

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