Hour of Code - Falling Tiles Game

Hour of Code - Falling Tiles Game

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DURATION: 60 mins

GETTING STARTED: (2-5 MINS) Introduce the activity
ACTIVITY: (40-20 MINS) Facilitate and support students to complete the tutorial as well as the challenges

WRAP-UP: (5-10 MINS) Debrief and close





Use this game as a template to tell a story by replacing the square as well as the obstacles with sprites of your own. It’s through these sprites that you can tell a compelling story. For example: replacing the player square with a dinosaur sprite, and the obstacles with meteors. Get creative and come up with something way outside the box!

  1. Import sprites of your own using the preload function. To figure out how to load images as sprites into the game, take a look here: https://phaser.io/tutorials/making-your-first-phaser-3-game/part2

  2. In the create function you’ll need to change what square is defined as, or create a variable of your own to set as the sprite. You can find all of the info you need on adding sprites to your scene here: https://phaser.io/tutorials/making-your-first-phaser-3-game/part3 You may also find it useful to take a look at the sprite examples: https://phaser.io/examples/v3/category/game-objects/sprites

  3. In the update function, you may need to make changes if you updated variable names or if something broke along the way.



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