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Codecraft Lab is able to provide quality programs with the generous help of quality volunteers! We have many truly wonderful volunteers, just have to brag about them a little bit! Make sure to not overlook our humble, skateboarding, mentor Logan Beard. He truly is the only guy we know with a passion for acting, theater, coding, and really long HDMI cables! Logan is full of wonderful surprises and loaded with high tech talent and practical experience. He is both generous with his time and genuine in every interaction. Logan participated in the FIT Computer Science camp for high schoolers last summer, held down a full time programming internship for Dental Web Now, and is back at West Shore Junior Senior as sophomore this year.


With an unmistakable passion for both computer programming and giving back, Lee Deffebach is a fantastic addition to our STE(A)M Team! With his thoughtful mentoring at every level of learning, Lee has no problem breaking down complex problems into digestible bits and is amazing with all the student members. His diverse talents include a passion for weightlifting, practical experience with Java programming and SAP, the CompSci AP course, and I dare say some Minecraft too! Lee is a junior at Melbourne High School and we are so lucky to have him sharing his time.


Matt Levy found us this past year too and we are so glad he did! His natural ability to connect and talk to Codecraft kids about everything from Pokemon to Python and Raspberry Pi makes him someone we can all count on for goodness on most any topic! Speaking of counting, Matt has been on competitive math teams, played varsity lacrosse, also took the AP Comp Sci class, and worked as an intern at Harris last summer. We are hoping to challenge him this spring. Matt attends Holy Trinity as a junior. More intros to come!



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