Speaker Series: Open Source

What is Open Source?

Gretchen Moran, an Enterprise Architect from Pentaho Corporation, will be the Codecraft Lab guest speaker on Thursday, Nov. 7th from 5-7PM. The evening’s topic will include an introduction to the concept of Open Source and collaborative projects on the web. It’s never too early to understand that there are projects out there to get involved with and that they are a great way to showcase your passion and skill, even at a young age. Gretchen will share her personal accounts of contributors to inspire us all. She is passionate about software, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and opportunities for children to learn to code.

Pentaho Corporation is primarily a Java shop, and they use the myriad of technologies that surround Java-like HTML 5, lots of Javascript, J2EE and accompanying technology. This should prove to be a valuable and fun experience for all involved, students and parents alike.



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