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Student Series: Jamie

“Coding is today’s language of creativity. All our children deserve a chance to become creators instead of consumers of computer science.” - Maria Klawe

I started Codecraft when I was in 6th grade, 3 years ago. I remember walking into the classroom and thinking “wow this is insane.” Rows upon rows of computers were lined up, with people excitedly typing on their keyboards and kids looking attentively at the instructors. I had been motioned to sit down in a seat at a large table, followed by some other kids. The instructor arrived, bearing a huge smile, and told us to say a fact about ourselves. Normally when this happens, it turns into this almost zombie-like courtroom where we are forced to share things, but soon after the first person opened their mouths, we all started laughing and smiling and joking. We were already a team. Though we were on task, we never stopped having fun at Codecraft, it was just such a great place to be. I started my journey in Scratch, something that now seems so easy I could say a toddler could do it, and all that is thanks to the awesomeness that Codecraft Works teaches. It’s mind-boggling to me that little 6th-grade me - and I was not the youngest, some kids there were as young as 2nd grade - was able to easily take control of a program she learned only a year earlier.

I eventually graduated from that class and went into my first Python class, slightly more challenging but not in any way considered “work.” While doing that, I did all the camps and side lessons they proposed, eager for my mom to text me confirmation every time, even entering the Innovation Games Coding challenge of 2019. In which I placed 2nd. That was honestly the hardest coding I have ever done, but thanks to my great instructor, I was able to not only able to understand what I was doing but replicate it myself. Everything was going amazing until Covid hit. Most businesses shut down, schools closed-you know the drill. But Codecraft Works thrived. They immediately moved to an online platform and formed a website, on which their students coded. I was so sad when I found out that I was not going to be able to go to Codecraft Works anymore, but sadness soon got replaced by awe as I realized the Codecraft Works was coming to me. I took CSS lessons as well as some HTML and am currently taking python.

It is true that I miss the atmosphere of Codecraft Works, but for such a horrible situation the company really made the best of it. My instructors were always present on time and there were very few technical bugs. We still laughed and had fun, all in the comfort of our own homes! It was perfect, though I would not mind seeing the virtual reality room again either…The people at this institution are all brilliant minds of the coding world, and each is more than happy to answer all your questions and teach you something new. Little me even looked at Shannon, the CEO, and made a mental note to strive to be just like her. Kind, caring, successful, and passionate, something I still hope to achieve one day. You can see the difference between a company that wants to make money and a company that wants to do what it’s intended to do: teach people to code, and Codecraft Works could not have done it any better. I thank everyone that helped me in my coding journey and will help me in years to come, and I urge everyone to immediately go get a lesson. You won’t regret it.

-Jamie, 14



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