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The Importance of Computer Science Education

From meteorology to movies, computer programming touches almost every industry. With a rapid growth in jobs requiring computer programming skills, it’s vital to take note of the importance of gaining a computer science education. Here are a few things to consider

1. It Future-Proofs Your Career

As technology continues to advance, more and more employers are turning to technology to automate and handle their processes. However, having computer programming skills can still work to future-proof your career. For instance, employers will continue to need the designers and creators of software programs and AI-powered technologies, as well as those who understand these technologies to perform quality control. Moreover, learning an in-demand programming language, such as Python, helps to future-proof your career, as these programming languages support in-demand programming language used for web development and as a support language for software developers.

2. It’s in High Demand

A growing need for computer programming skills to support technologically advanced processes and programs, combined with a small pool of qualified candidates, is pushing computer programming-related jobs into the forefront for many employers. The result is that many of these careers can demand a high-paying salary and also have a fast growth rate. For instance, the job outlook for software developers between 2016 and 2026 is much faster than average at 24 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. Moreover, early exposure to learning computer science can help students prepare for higher learning programs and future careers. Thus, it’s key for parents to their children to encourage and support developing computer science skills, even from an early age.

3. It’s Shifting Strategies on State and Local Levels

Cities and states are now changing their current education system to focus more on computer science compared to other academic fields. This shift is reflective of states and cities’ strategy to retain large companies and attract others to relocate their headquarters locally. For example, instead of a company recruiting from another state or overseas, they can hire local candidates to join their workforce. This helps the company save money in recruiting expenses while improving the state’s employment rate.

4. You Can Work Virtually Anywhere

Many programming jobs do not require in-person meetings and can be performed remotely. This gives you the option easily move where you want, work from anywhere, gain flexibility, and expand your experience and work options by working on a global team. If you encourage your child to participate in learning computer programming, he can be better prepared for rigorous college and higher education programs that offer computer programming. This can also help him feel he is a part of a team that embraces computing and technology while giving him flexibility in his career choices.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re planning to pursue a career in forecasting or work in fashion, pursuing a computer science education offers value as it continues to impact every industry. By gaining knowledge in computer programming, you’ll be able to apply it across several fields and future-proof your career.

Are you ready to help your child prepare for the future? Help your child take advantage of the opportunity to prepare for the future by supporting early learning in the field of computer science today.



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