Thursday Hardware Event with Best Buy

Thursday Hardware Event w/ Best Buy!

Love to play video games? We do too - but we love to watch software and hardware work together to power our favorite games even more

This Thursday, 11/14, join us for an evening of hardware relays, tech trivia, and video game tourneys during our open house, in partnership with Best Buy. Kids will leave with a better understanding of how software works to power hardware, resulting in fully functional computers, video game consoles and more. Fill out the form below to let us know you’re coming!

Where: Codecraft Works HQ
2428 Irwin Street
Melbourne, FL 32901

When: Thursday, Nov. 14th
5 - 7 pm



2412 Irwin Street
Melbourne, FL 32901


Phone: 321-209-4674, 850-290-4714

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