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What Kind of Summer Camp Does Your Child Need?

“How was camp today?” “I hate it. It’s boring. Can I just stay home?”

It’s an answer no parent wants to hear. We get it: Finding something for your kids to do all day, all summer, can be a pain. But before you default to the easiest option - the same camp you attended when you were their age; it was fun at the time, right? - there are some questions you ought to ask yourself. Or, better yet, ask your child.

Every child is their own person, but they have one important thing in common: There’s nothing they appreciate more than knowing that they and their parents are on the same page. One of the best ways to prove this to your children is to give them a camp experience that’s just right for them: their goals, their hobbies, their personalities. For example, how should a child who loves computers, gaming, and video spend their summer? Learn to code at a Codecraft camp, of course!

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As school wraps up for the year, sit down with your child and make your family’s summer plans early. Don’t spring any decisions on them - get them involved in making those decisions. Together you can answer all of these questions:

Is it fun? Remember, every child has a different idea of fun. A shy child probably isn’t too keen on going to a performing arts camp, and an extrovert might not be too into spending all afternoon at the craft table. You see how your child spends their spare time; you know what they’re excited to share with you about school. Look into what’s available in your area and give them a list of camps you think they’ll enjoy wholeheartedly. Show them that you’ve thought about what works for them, not just for your household schedule.

Is it useful now? Of course, you have a say in this, too. However your child wants to spend the summer, your job is to make sure they keep their minds sharp and their bodies active. Codecraft camps offer the perfect mix, with outdoor activities every day. Avoid the dreaded “summer slide” by choosing a camp that provides both intellectual and physical stimulation for your child.

Will it be useful later? One of the biggest advantages of Codecraft camps are the possibilities they open up for children. With camps and courses for students 8 and above, there’s a multitude of ways for kids to build on their skills in coding, web development, game development, and cybersecurity. Our campers are inspired to turn their passion for computer technologies into a profession by meeting industry experts and learning about college and career options in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). This sparks ambitions that will stay with them for years to come and help them develop long-term plans sooner than you may ever have expected. When you choose a camp, think about how it will help your child beyond this summer. You may both be surprised at the opportunities they discover.

Is it practical? No matter how you answer the first three questions, there are some obvious concerns to clear up: Does the camp fit in with your budget? How will your child get to and from camp every day? What will they be required to bring with them? Make all of these matters a part of the conversation with your child, so they can see firsthand how grown-ups make important choices. This, too, is a learning experience they shouldn’t miss.

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If you haven’t already talked to your child about their summer plans, now is the time. And don’t make any plans for them all by yourself. They’ll appreciate you making sure that they won’t have to complain about being bored.



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