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Why Codecraft is the Best Option for Teaching Your Child Coding

So you’ve determined that you want your kid to get ahead in life, and learn the invaluable skill of coding. Awesome! But now what?

Surely, you want a program that knows what it’s doing, yet understands the individual needs of your child.

Codecraft Works is the logical coding school choice for many organizations, schools, and parents for a plethora of reasons.

Why Codecraft?

Many organizations have chosen to partner with Codecraft Works, all seeking its unique and effective education programs.

Codecraft Works is backed by the National Science Foundation, an independent federal agency created by Congress in 1950 “to promote the progress of science”.

It’s no doubt that Codecraft Works does exactly that.

With innovative teaching methods, instructors with personal experience in the current technology field, and relevant topics taught, Codecraft Works is progressive as they come.

We’ve also partnered with reputable organizations such as The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of Brevard, The Brevard Achievement Center, Spring Forward for Autism, and Field Corp.

There is no shortage of advocacy from any Codecraft Works’ partners.

Coding Made for Kids

Codecraft Works is different from many coding schools, in that it is geared towards teaching children and teens how to code, specifically.

All of the curriculum is made with your child in mind, and is thoughtfully crafted to be engaging and effective.

Unlike a weed-out college class, Codecraft Work’s curriculum is preparatory in style. We are truly gardening for growth, with hands-on exercises and project-based classes.

Children are encouraged to ask questions, and learn by trial and error.

Their failures are celebrated as much as their successes - we celebrate the entire learning process, not just the results.

We cover an assortment of topics, from game development to invention literacy, and a variety of coding languages, including: Python, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript.

Available in Person and Online

Whether you want your child to learn alongside other children, or from the comfort of your home, Codecraft Works has you covered.

Codecraft Works offers summer camps, homeschool labs, after-school clubs, and online courses that encourage students to explore computer science creatively and at their own pace.

To get your child started with programming, click one of these two links: Online | Local - Melbourne, FL, or contact for a group enrollment discount!



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