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Engaging, Online and Hybrid Delivery

Our online programs provide a classic learning experience – without the commute. Based on a project-based curriculum, enrolled students develop computer science skills and explore different aspects of modern technology, all from the comfort of their desks.

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Computer Science, Engineering, and Cyber Security Learning for K-12


Robust curriculum fosters growth and advancement in and out of the classroom. We teach the technical and human skills required for success in school and beyond.


With video conferencing, screen-sharing and live code editing in our online app, Instructors and TAs work with students and give feedback in real time.


Codecraft Live programs can be accessed from anywhere! Just grab a computer and an internet connection.


By building a unique portfolio of digital work and experience, students gain a competitive advantage for college and future careers.


Real-time code collaboration allows you to edit your code and web projects with a friend, instructor or team right from your browser.


We aim to close the computer science talent gap, honor diversity and highlight a variety of perspectives to empower all students to take charge of their future.

Brevard Public Schools

Imagine 300 students in familiar classrooms, buzzing with excitement. Not for summer school, but for a transformative STEM experience. This past June, Codecraft Works worked with Brevard County schools to create that reality. Over 14 dedicated teachers joined us in delivering a unique, week-long Meaningful Software Engineering (MSI) program. It wasn’t your typical online learning. We blended the best of both worlds: synchronous, virtual sessions combined with the comfort of familiar classrooms.

Brevard Public Schools

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FieldCore, a GE Company

Imagine a future where skilled professionals seamlessly bridge the gap between the classroom and the ever-evolving tech industry. This future is within reach, and Codecraft Works’ pioneering work with FieldCore is paving the way. Dive deeper into our Web Works program, and this visionary collaboration and discover how we’re nurturing the next generation of tech talent, empowering them to become the innovators and leaders of tomorrow.

FieldCore, a GE Company

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Case Study: Brevard Public Schools: Transforming STEM Education with a Hybrid Delivery Model

Brevard Public School District, Florida: 4 Schools, 10 Classrooms, 300 6th Graders, Teaching Team: 14 On-site, 12 Online

Challenge: Brevard Public Schools faced the challenge of engaging students in a unique and impactful STEM learning experience while ensuring accessibility and inclusivity.

Solution: In collaboration with Codecraft Works, a leader in educational technology, they implemented a groundbreaking “hybrid delivery model” for their Meaningful Software Engineering (MSI) program. This model combined the benefits of in-person classroom instruction with the flexibility and reach of online learning.

Collaboration: Codecraft Works partnered with Brevard County schools to create a curriculum that catered to 300 sixth graders across four schools. Over 26 educators, including 14 on-site teachers and 12 online instructors, participated in delivering the program.


  • Engaged Students: The blended learning approach fostered a dynamic and interactive learning environment, keeping students engaged throughout the week-long program.
  • Hands-on Learning: Project-based activities allowed students to apply their knowledge and develop critical thinking skills, fostering creativity and innovation.
  • Real-World Solutions: Students tackled genuine challenges, expressing their personal values through digital solutions.
  • Near-Peer Mentorship: Experienced college STEM majors provided online mentorship, fostering a supportive learning community and building connections beyond physical classrooms.

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